208 days until camping season

208 days until camping season

A couple months ago some friends of ours asked if we wanted to do a fall camping trip. We tried to camp in September last year, but cancelled both those trips. We really didn't want to this weekend... but we gave it a go.

Despite the awful, cold, rainy and snowy weather we all agreed we want to go back to this park next summer.

The Whitewater River is stocked with trout. Emma and Braden spent a snowy afternoon catching a bunch. On the way home this morning Emma asked if we could camp there again because she loved the fishing. And yes... those gloves were the first thing to go in the wash when we got home. 😂

On Saturday morning a park ranger gave a presentation about the snakes in Minnesota. It was the best presentation I've ever seen at a campground.

He even brought a live rattlesnake! 😲

I've only had beignets a couple time. This was a first for camping. Love those beignets though....