adios miami

adios miami

We spent our last night in Miami enjoying cake for dinner. Emma loves carrot cake, which could possibly be the worst cake ever created. 😝 Olivia chooses purely by looks and will get anything if it's covered in sprinkles.

This morning the girls and I said goodbye to daddy and got on a flight back home.

Usually Olivia gets the window seat. Today Emma asked if she could sit by the window. Poor Emma. This isn't the first time this has happened to her (that's the engine right outside her window).

Luckily we had 2 flights. Emma was much happier with the window situation for the second flight.

Braden and I have debated which is better with the girls - a direct flight vs. a flight with one stop. Since I did both this trip I can definitely say one stop is better. The girls start getting restless after about 2 hours, so it's nice to get off the plane, get some food and stretch our legs. Today they were excited about riding the train at the Atlanta airport.

After lunch Emma asked if we could buy something for daddy since he always brings them something when he travels. When we walked into the store she immediately saw this record player and records. 💕