best day ever

best day ever

Olivia officially declared today the best day ever. It started off with a sailing lesson for Emma. I heard that a guy did sailing lessons right at the resort we are staying. I texted him yesterday and he told me just to come on down today. Lessons were free on Saturday morning.

Emma was a little nervous about it at first when she thought she'd be going out by herself. She ended up in a boat with another kid and the instructor. She loved it and can't wait to do it again.

After the lesson we were walking down the beach and Emma spotted this really cool eel. Just happy we were on the beach and not in the water with that thing.

She also picked up a bunch of crabs along the way.

After a quick lunch we headed on a 40 minute drive to Mount Carmel waterfall. It is the highest waterfall in Grenada at over 70 feet tall. Grenada has a bunch of waterfalls. Some of them are easier to get to than the others. I wasn't sure about this one, but it turned out to be pretty easy to get to.

The girls were excited to get in the water and swim.

After a bit of swimming at the waterfall we headed back down the path to a smaller waterfall that makes a rock slide.

I was not too sure about the girls doing this. Looks pretty dangerous with rocks you can smack your head on before falling into the water below, but there was a super nice local who offered to show them how to do it.

After their first time down they were hooked and didn't want to leave.

On Monday afternoon we went to a brewery in town.

Olivia noticed that Saturday is steak night.

She loves steak. It might be her favorite food right behind buttered noodles and waffles. We talked all week about going back for steak. She made sure to dress her best... and she ate every last piece of that steak.