bimini - day 5

bimini - day 5

We tried to make the most of our last day despite the windy weather and choppy ocean.

The people we're renting the house from have a deal with one of the nearby hotels so their guests can use the pool at the hotel. Since the ocean is a no go that's what we did for half the day. The girls had so much fun.

They took a break from swimming to look for wildlife.

The girls are always amazed by lizards. To me lizards are no big deal. I grew up with lizards all over the place, but we don't have any in Minnesota. They were chasing one around the pool trying to catch it. They were so happy when I caught it for them.

Emma and I got one last walk on the beach before calling it a day.

We planned to eat leftovers for dinner, but we had to have Edith's pizza one last time. It is seriously the best pizza. The 4 of us polished off a large pepperoni with no problem. 😂

On the way home from getting pizza we stopped at the park for one last time.

We leave tomorrow morning to head back to Miami, then the girls and I will fly back to Minnesota on Saturday.