boat tour and pontoon

boat tour and pontoon

Another day... another activity (or two) checked off our list. First up, the Itasca Lake boat tour. We learned a lot of interesting information about the state park and the lake.

Later in the afternoon our friends rented a pontoon boat, so we tagged along. Braden had to head home for the day, so it was just us girls. Yep, Olivia is holding a dragonfly. There are a million of them here and she catches one every chance she gets. She makes sure to give them a fitting name before they fly away. This one was Blueberry because of it's blue eyes.

I'm really surprised with Olivia on this boat ride. She was the first one off the boat and into the water. Last summer I would have had to bribe her to try it at least once.

Of course the day wouldn't be complete without a swim in the Mississippi headwaters.

We ended the night with s'mores and sleepovers (which I know I'm going to regret in the morning). The girls can't wait for Braden to get back tomorrow so they can tell him all about their day.