busy in bequia

busy in bequia

Our week started with taking the engines apart to get them ready for the new parts we were waiting on to come from the US. That is not a quick process, but luckily FedEx came through for us and we had the parts in 4 days (even with the Thanksgiving holiday!).

This is the face of pure happiness with boat parts in hand.

While Braden was busy helping the mechanic with the engines, the girls and I kept busy too. We baked two loaves of bread (on the same day because we ate the first one before it was even cool). It was so good. We would have baked a third, but we ran out of eggs.

Emma did a lot of paddle boarding, hiking and swimming with her friends.

We decorated for Christmas and surprised Olivia with a Lego Advent Calendar.

Two days, lots of hours, lots of sweat and lots of oil all over the place... but both engines are running! The only way we make hot water is by running one of the engines. That means we've been taking cold showers, so for the first time in 10 days we had hot showers. I may have cried happy tears. I hate cold showers!

We celebrated with rum punches, handstands and the sunset on the beach.

We didn't realize until we got our departure papers that we've been in the same spot for 14 days (13 days longer than we planned). It's time to go!