can't stand the rain

can't stand the rain

Fun fact - Grenada has two seasons: dry season (January to May) and wet season (June to December). It's not quite June yet, but the rain has started. We were cooped up for two days on the boat while it rained pretty much all day. As a bonus... the boat got nice, clean and organized.

Finally this morning the sky was clear! The girls and I were ready to stretch our legs, so we took a walk all the way to the city. I love how colorful it is.

We've only passed by here in the car, so I didn't realize the water is actually really clear. I expected the water to be pretty filthy with how many boats there are in here. We saw so many fish.

We took a little break to watch the huge container ship come in.

There are only three American restaurants on the island - (1) Subway, (2) KFC and (3) Pizza Hut. We've been to Subway and KFC. Pizza Hut was on our list, and the girls insisted today was the day since we were so close.

We probably walked 2 miles. We would have walked back, but Braden offered to pick us up at Pizza Hut. The girls couldn't wait for him to get there.