country roads

country roads

We got an early morning start to head home on Sunday. So early that the girls didn't even get out of bed by the time we hit the road. That was a first...

It wouldn't be a road trip without at least one Icee.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love rest areas with a playground? They aren't very common, so I get excited when we find one.

I really wanted to get home by Monday night, so we put in a long day on Sunday and made it to Illinois for the night.

It was a pretty cool campground that I stumbled upon. I would definitely stop at this one again if we had more time to spend exploring. We got another early start on Monday... which is why we all look tired, but we had to get a picture for my map in Illinois.

On Monday Emma had school.

I always ask Braden if he wants me to drive. He never does. The last 5 miles of our trip he let me drive.