distance learning: day 10

distance learning: day 10

Week #2 is done! Today Emma would have had tropical day at school. Even though they aren't going to school they still asked for everyone to dress up and send in their pictures.

Emma's teacher plays this birthday song every time one of the kids in her class has a birthday. Her teacher has been sending it so the kids can still celebrate from home. Emma loves dancing and singing to it every time.

I try to bring everything I think Emma will need for school at the bus, but I don't always know ahead of time what the assignments will be. Today I had to do some improvising. We made dice out of construction paper and I had to write out her worksheet since we don't have a printer.

It was a nice day, so after school it was time to play outside.

The girls thought it was hilarious that we could look through the drain pipe that runs under the road.

We ventured out in the nearby neighborhood for a little walk. Next time we need to bring bikes. There isn't much traffic and the roads are nice and flat.

Tonight we took a little drive to check out the town around the barn. We saw TONS of deer in all the fields.