distance learning: day 5

distance learning: day 5

We did it! Our first week of distance learning is behind us. Last night we came to the bus for a couple days because it was going to rain/snow/hail today, so today we did schoolwork at the bus.

The last couple forecasts haven't been very accurate. This one was. Emma went outside to catch some ice cubes falling from the sky.

Some things I learned this week...

(1) this jungle gym was worth EVERY penny. Tonight Olivia asked if we could go home because she misses the jungle gym.

(2) Emma can do cartwheels on the bus. She tried to get me to do one... but I'm too chicken.

(3) Emma really loves math and writing, but hates reading. This week she never once complained about her math and writing assignments... but I have to fight her every time her teacher assigns reading to do.

(4) I can make homemade pretzels... and they are DELICIOUS!

(5) the girls love a fort. They spend hours in this one today.

(6) having this barn on 5 acres is going to save our summer. They've already started closing campgrounds and some pools and outdoor places announced they will be closed all summer. We might not be able to roadtrip anywhere on the bus, but we can still go camping.