errands, fruit and hiking

errands, fruit and hiking

We've spent enough time in Grenada to have a list of our favorite places to go. Now that we're back we're visiting them one by one. First stop this morning... the fruit stand across the street from the marina. The couple that runs the stand literally stops traffic for us to cross the street. Our haul this morning were bananas and mangoes.

Our second stop... our favorite lady selling fruits, vegetables and juice out of the back of her van. Our haul from her - juice, cucumbers, water lemons and a mammee apple. We've been on the hunt for water lemons for over a week. This might be the strangest fruit we've tried, and even though it looks questionable it is delicious. To eat it you bite the end off and squeeze the seeds out. They're kind of like pomegranite seeds with pulp around them. You eat the pulpy seeds that are crunchy with a lemony flavor.

I forgot to get a photo of the mammea apple. There was hardly any fruit once you got through the peel and around the weird shaped pit. The flavor was a mix between a mango and a canteloupe. We were not impressed.

In addition to visiting two fruit stands we picked up a package, did laundry, had lunch, grabbed a couple things at the grocery store and researched how to keep snorkeling masks from fogging up. Fun fact - did you know you can use toothpaste to make masks fog resistant? We weren't believers until we tried it on two masks... and it worked! Our snorkeling just got a whole lot clearer.

A week ago Emma asked if we could start going on daily hikes. We did for a day or two, and then we left. Now that we're back we started our hiking up again. There is a path that goes up the hill from the back of the marina parking lot. We've been wanting to check it out, and it was awesome.

Our boat from the top of the hill