farewell grenada

farewell grenada

Lots of work goes into leaving a boat for an extended amount of time - filling tanks, flushing toilets, washing and vacuum sealing clothes/sheets/towels, propping up mattresses. The check list goes on and on. It took us several days, but I think we got it all done. We're keeping our fingers crossed when we return the boat is in as good of shape as when we left it. It looks like a complete disaster, but there is a method to all this mess.

Emma's room
Our room
Olivia's room

The Grenada airport is really small. The girls think it is really cool we get to board the plane from outside. We were at the back of the plane which meant we even got to use the rear stairs!

Leaving Grenada has been bittersweet. We're excited to get home and see our friends, but we're also sad to be leaving the new friends we've made. Some of them are in this photo Braden took from the plane. ❤

There are only a few flight options to get from Grenada to Minnesota. We tried a new one which was to fly through Charlotte instead of Miami or New York. It was the only flight that would get us home on the same day - until it didn't. Our late night flight got rescheduled for this afternoon. Not much we could do except get Chick-fil-a for dinner and book a last minute hotel room. Oh Chick-fil-a... we've missed you.

This morning we had fingers crossed as we got on the hotel shuttle back to the airport... in the same clothes we were wearing yesterday.

We have about an hour until our flight boards and it is currently on time. To be continued....