firefly estate

firefly estate

Yesterday we got invited by our neighbors to go to an old sugar cane plantation.

We got a tour of the old sugar mill property that started back in 1789. We tried a bunch of different fruits, sugar cane, coconut, almonds and learned how they used to press the sugar cane. Fun fact for Austin - banana plants are constantly sprouting new plants because each plant only produces fruit once.

star fruit
golden apple
green papaya
sugar cane
sugar cane

Another fun fact for Austin - the yellow ball in this coconut is a coconut apple. After a coconut falls from the tree the coconut milk starts thickening forming this ball which is where the new palm tree will sprout from.

frangipani caterpillar

After the tour we had lunch and the kids got to use the pool.

coconut ice cream

The property was about a 30 minute walk from where we docked the dinghy. Olivia is not a fan of walking unless it is an interesting hike, so she was very excited when a taxi stopped on our way back and asked if we wanted a ride.