girls weekend

girls weekend

Braden spent the weekend in Kentucky with some friends after spending the week working in Florida.

That meant the girls and I were on our own. Friday night we got ice cream. Emma loves mint, so we had to try the mint Oreo blizzard DQ has for the month of March.

We spent Saturday at home since we were supposed to get snow all day. I didn't want to be out driving in snow and icy roads. We got a lot of rain, but very little snow.

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day. The sun was shining. The snow was melting. We can finally see most of our driveway.

We couldn't spend another day at home, so we went to the pool. I cancelled my YMCA membership and joined Lifetime instead. It was kind of worth it for this pool.

We stopped at Culver's for dinner... and more ice cream to finish off our girls weekend.

The girls keep asking when daddy is coming home. They are counting down the days. 💕