return to grenada

return to grenada

Do we stay, or do we go? That was the question this morning when we got up. We decided we were ready to head back to Grenada for the next couple weeks.

It was a beautiful 6 hour sail. We've been pretty impressed with how well the girls handle sailing, even in fairly rough waves. Nothing seems to phase them.

On our way we passed this rock that Emma and I thought looked like a gorilla. Do you see it? It took Braden a while to see it.

It's crazy how you can clearly see where the rainforest is from the water. Fun fact - the 3,088 acre Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve is the largest and oldest protected area in Grenada.

St. Georges (the capital of Grenada) looks so pretty passing by. We've driven through here a couple times, so we know how crazy busy it is even though it doesn't look like it from here.

There was only one place to go for dinner and pool time... and Olivia was stylish.