easter at hog island

easter at hog island

We took a short dinghy ride over to Hog Island for Easter. There was food, drinks, lots of people and live music.

Not long after we got there a family showed up with a couple of kids. They came right over and asked Olivia if she wanted to play. Turns out they live right by the marina where our boat is, and Emma made plans with the girl her age to meet up for a play date on Tuesday.

During Emma's sailing lesson the day before there were a bunch of kids collecting sea eggs. They are a type of sea urchin with small, white spikes that you can actually pick up. We've only seen the ones with black spikes that you definitely can't touch. I asked them what they were going to do with them, and they said eat them. Apparently you can eat the insides raw or cook them.

It just so happened the shady spot we picked to sit in at Hog Island was right next to a place where guys were cooking them. I could hear them chopping the shells, so I walked over to ask if they would show me what they do with them. It was pretty fascinating.

The process was extremely long. It took them all day just to make 2o which they sold for $15.00 EC each ($5.55 USD).

We didn't see the Easter bunny yesterday, but we happened to be at the mall a couple days before we left and got a quick photo!