ilet caret

ilet caret

After spending a couple days in Les Saints ( Îles des Saintes) we headed a little further north to Bouillante.

It was only a 2 hour trip and the weather was calm. Calm enough for 2 loads of laundry, a loaf of banana bread and relaxing on deck.

We spent two days here where we swam to the beach with friends every afternoon, stocked up on groceries and visited the laundromat to get sheets and towels washed.

Our next stop a couple hours more north and not a calm trip - Ilet Caret. We heard not many boats stop here because the water getting in is pretty shallow and you have to watch out so you don't hit the reefs. They weren't wrong - the water was shallow and there was no one anchored here except us and our friends.

During the day all the tour boats stop at the island for an hour or two to hang out in the shallow water.

They're usually gone by the afternoon and then we would have the island all to ourselves.

Not far from where out boat was anchored is a shipwreck. The wreck is only a foot or two below the surface, so it was easy to snorkel around and see.


We've enjoyed the sunsets and the clear, blue water, but there is still a lot more of Guadeloupe to see. Tomorrow it is time to move on to the next place.