in a funk

in a funk

Before we left the boat in June there was a lot of work to get it ready to sit for months in the sweltering summer heat - vacuum sealing clothes, storing cushions, taking down sails, getting rid of food and the list goes on and on.

Now that we're back we've had an endless list of things to do to put the boat back together - unpack clothes (and wash some that didn't come out smelling so fresh), put the sails back up, wipe everything down, restock food and cleaning supplies and this list also goes on and on. It took days to just get Olivia's room from looking like this...

June 2023

To looking like this...

October 2023

As quickly as we cross items off the list we find new issues to fix. Plus we had some work done while we were gone (like installing an AC) that all has to be tested to make sure it's working. Emma was especially excited about the new AC... until it broke the first day we ran it. Now we're waiting on parts to hopefully fix it for good.

Our plan to spend two days at the dock has turned into five going on seven... and being on the dock is no fun. We've been trying to mix in some fun while still trying to get all the high priority items checked off the list as quickly as possible so we can get out of here!

We got our dinghy out of storage and took it for a quick test run.

We celebrated Halloween with the most amazing trick-or-treating ever.

Emma the explorer
Olivia the mermaid
How cool is this!?!

Emma got back into sailing lessons.

Lots of hanging out at our favorite place which also included making some new friends. Some who we will hopefully see along our journies, and some who are going the other direction that we may meet again someday.

Today we took a full day break from boat projects and spent hours at a waterfall. The girls must have jumped in at least 100 times.

Tomorrow we will be back at it. We're hoping to get out of the marina and at anchor somewhere by Saturday, and then once the weather looks good we will be leaving Grenada and heading on our way.

Our plan... island hopping along the way