Summer bucket list item #3... kayaking down the Cannon River. ✅

Braden discovered this kayak spot back in 2019, and we've gone every summer since. We started out with all 4 of us in 1 kayak.

August 2019
June 2020

As the girls got bigger it got way too difficult for all four of us to fit in one kayak, so we slowly began expanding our fleet. We started out small by adding a tube tied to the back of the kayak.

June 2021

Last summer we added a second kayak. We were worried the girls wouldn't be able to paddle the whole way, so they were tied to our kayak.

June 2022

Last year we sometimes brought Emma's paddleboard instead of the second kayak.

September 2022

This summer we swapped out the yellow kayak for an orange one.

July 2023

The girls are pretty impressive paddling a kayak, so we no longer tie them to ours. Sometimes we like to switch things up and Emma and I swap places.