need rest

need rest

We partied like it was summer this weekend... and all paid the price for it today. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

First up... spring egg hunt. This was the first year there wasn't any snow on the ground during the egg hunt.

Next up... Emma's first track meet of the year. 💕

She ran in 4 races - 6 x 50 meter shuttle, 70 meter, 8 x 70 meter shuttle and 100 meter.

4 races. 4 blue ribbons!

Last year we never thought she ran as fast as she could during her races. This year she left some kids in her dust. 😲

Saturday night was picnic night. The weather has been amazing, so we've been having lots of picnics lately.

The girls were very excited to look for their baskets on Easter morning.

Chocolate egg for breakfast? Why not.

We had friends over all Sunday afternoon, so the girls played non-stop, Emma got her first skinned knee falling off her bike and we got a surprise visit from the ice cream truck.

Emma just asked this week when the ice cream truck would come. I told her it wouldn't be for a couple weeks. Apparently he decided to take advantage of the nice weather and start early.

Emma woke up this morning exhausted and not feeling well, so I kept her home from school to rest and feel better.

It turned out to be her lucky day to get to stay home. A friend of mine asked if I could watch her cat and dog for a couple hours. Emma loved every minute and didn't want to give the pets back. 😂

Emma was all about the dog. She didn't leave her side the whole 2 hours.

Olivia followed the cat everywhere he went.

We all got into bed early tonight to hopefully catch up on some sleep and get back to our normal routine tomorrow. 🤞🏼