packed saturday

packed saturday

Today was a packed day. We started the morning at the children's Christmas store that Olivia's preschool does. Emma loves coming and shopping for the family every year, and this year Olivia was old enough to do it too.

The girls couldn't wait to come home and place their presents under the tree. Now we just have to see if they can keep what they bought a secret until Christmas.

We went from shopping straight to making pizzas and cupcakes at a birthday party.

So much icing...

The other day when we were driving Emma pointed to a tree and mentioned the tree lighting our city does every year. It was a good thing she did because it reminded me look it up and I found out it was tonight.

Emma always tells me this Santa isn't real... and there's no denying it. I've gotten away with telling her the real Santa can't make it to every Christmas event, so for this one a guy just dresses up like Santa. I think Braden could be more convincing than this guy. 😂