saint pierre

saint pierre

Yesterday we pulled up our anchor and headed to the northern end of Martinique.

Diamond Rock

Fun fact for Austin - In 1804 the British left cannons and 100+ men on Diamond Rock so they could use it as a "warship" to attack the French.

There weren't any wind or waves, so it was a calm, motoring kind of day.

There were fish traps all over the place. Emma and I sat on the bow pointing them out so Braden could steer around them.

one of many fish traps in the water

We arrived in St. Pierre late in the afternoon and of course the first thing the girls have to do at a new place...

Club Med cruise ship in the background

From our boat we have a great view of Mount Pelée, which is an active volcano. Fun (but not really fun) fact for Austin - In 1902 Mount Pelée erupted destroying the entire town of St. Pierre and killing 30,000 people.

There were two things we wanted to do before leaving Martinique - (1) sea glass because you know we love sea glass, and (2) visit the zoo because everyone recommends it. Today we accomplished both.

so many pretty blue ones here

The zoo is built on an old plantation that was destroyed in 1902 when the volcano erupted.

The ruins have been preserved so while you're walking through the zoo you also get some history on the old plantation, which had it's own hospital.