so close

so close

This morning we lifted the dinghy, secured items on the deck and got things put away in preparation for finally leaving the dock! Braden and Emma took a morning drive to scope out the anchorage to see how crowded it was.

We fired up the engines only to discover unexpected power problems. Womp womp. So... we lowered the dinghy and headed to nearby Hog Island for the day. Some burgers. A couple beers. Swimming. Playing in the sand. Tomorrow is another day....

1:00 PM

The girls must have spent hours playing with the crabs. They even collected a whole crab family.

We got there at 1 PM, but most people start showing up around 3 PM or 4 PM. By the time we left at 5:30 PM the beach was packed. Fun fact for Austin - Grenada has never used Daylight Savings Time, so we didn't have to change our clocks this weekend.

5:30 PM