solar eclipse

solar eclipse

On Easter we traded in our swim suits for sweatshirts and pants and flew back to Minnesota. Crazy... I know.

A bit of backstory - in 2017 we took our bus to Casper, WY. It was the first big trip on our bus and we were going to a rally with 100 other people who owned buses like ours to see the solar eclipse. We were mainly going to meet the people, so we didn't care too much about the eclipse. Casper, WY was in the path of totality.

I read something the other day that said if you haven't seen it then it isn't a big deal, but once you see it you want to see it again. That is 100% right. In 2020 the same group of people made arrangements with a campground in Kerrville, TX for the 2024 eclipse. We reserved a spot right away even though it was crazy to make camping plans almost five years in advance.

2017 - Casper, WY

Fast forward to 2024 - we're living on the boat in the US Virgin Islands and had a decision to make. Do we stay or do we go? In the end we decided the eclipse was worth the trip and all the work that would be involved to leave the boat and get the bus ready for travel after the winter storage.

Usually this time of year Texas has clear skies which obviously you need to see the eclipse. Luckily we thought to look at the weather before we left Minnesota. Turns out the forecast for the whole state of Texas was cloudy on the day of the eclipse. We decided to delay the start of our multi-day road trip and watch the weather to see if it improved. We ended up bailing on Texas and went to Indiana instead. The weather forecast was better and it is a 9 hour drive vs. 20 hour drive.

We picked Terre Haute, IN. Not a cloud in the sky. The girls were basically seeing the eclipse for the first time since they were 4 and 2 in 2017.

Totally worth it for this right here. It is impossible to capture it in photos.

2024 - Terre Haute, IN

We're already talking about Alaska 2033. Who's coming with us?!?