south dakota

south dakota

We were a day late leaving, but we made it out the door this morning. It is road construction season in Minnesota, so we had to go a different way to get on the highway. Apparently our back up route was also technically closed until tomorrow, but someone moved the barriers out of the way and traffic was driving through. We cut it a little close, but made it.

Our first stop - South Dakota. We love Rapid City, so we planned a couple days to visit all our favorite places.

Rapid City is a little far for us to go in one day unless we get an early start (which we did not). We stopped in a little town about 3 hours away for the night.

The girls were happy to get some time in the pool after dinner. Can you tell?

It's not just the 4 of us. It wouldn't be a Prickett family bus trip if we didn't bring monarch caterpillars along for the ride.