st. john (again)

st. john (again)

We're not done with the USVI just yet- this time it was back to St. John. We had quite the group of friend boats along for this trip around the island. I love when the girls can jump off the back of the boat and swim over to their friends boats.

We saw a variety of land animals on this trip.

This may be my #1 place to stop in St. John.

The snorkeling here is some of the coolest we've done. There are so many fans. We've never seen so many in one place and there are turtles everywhere. Fun fact for Austin - sea fans look like plants, but they are actually animals with tentacles that they use to catch plankton.

can you spot the peacock flounder?

Olivia current science lesson is learning about sharks, so she was pretty excited when she got to see a real nurse shark swimming by while we were snorkeling.