st. john

st. john

While we enjoyed being in St. Thomas with easy access to trash, groceries, mail and restaurants it wasn't a place where we could just jump off the boat and swim. We were all looking forward to getting back to somewhere a little more remote where we could spend our days in the water. First order of business once we got there was to try out the new board Emma and I picked up to pull behind the dinghy.

Second - more snorkeling.

Fun fact for Austin - 60% of St. John is a National Park. That means there are lots of cool things to see on land. High on my list was a photo of the window in Cinnamon Bay. ✅ Up until 2017 this 1860 Danish Warehouse was an archaeology museum and the oldest standing building on St. John. Sadly Hurricane Irma completely destroyed it and only left a partial wall with a couple windows still standing.

Emma was not very smiley in the photo because somehow she loosened a tooth (thankfully a baby tooth!) boogie boarding and it was sticking way out.

She's a worrier, so she couldn't really enjoy the rest of the afternoon worrying about that tooth... but it was nothing a root beer float couldn't fix.

Two days later and the tooth was out.

The next of our land adventures - the ruins of the Reef Bay Sugar Planation.

After the ruins we hiked to some petroglyphs.

There is also a waterfall at the petroglyphs that wasn't much of a waterfall. The girls weren't very impressed with either one - the waterfall or the petroglyphs.

We saw a bunch of deer on the hike which the girls said was cooler than both the waterfall and the petroglyphs, so at least the hike wasn't a total bust.

It was an amazing week hanging with friends, meeting new friends, handstands on the beach, hunting for lobster and playing dominoes.