st. lucia

st. lucia

St. Lucia wasn't on our list of islands to stop at because parts of the island have a bad reputation for crime. But the sail from Bequia to Martinique is over 15 hours, so St. Lucia is a good stopping point to break up the long distance. Some people stop overnight and keep going the next day, but the weather wasn't favorable for us to sail two days in a row. So... a two day stop in St. Lucia it was.

St. Lucia has a bunch of mega yachts and a bunch of all inclusive resorts.

We decided after overcoming all our engine woes we deserved to treat ourselves to a day pass at one of the resorts. Our day included drinks, lunch, use of their pools, a massage and access to the waterpark. It was just what we needed and worth every penny!

The girls spent almost their entire day at the inflatable waterpark while Braden and I watched them from our beach chairs in the shade.

Emma getting launched into the air by the lifeguard

Our second day in St. Lucia... not so great. I can understand why people say to skip it. We went into town, did some shopping, had lunch and got hassled by multiple people wanting money. One guy even made it clear he wasn't afraid to use a knife (luckily the girls and I were shopping and missed that interaction).

Olivia's new dress

As planned, first thing this morning we pulled up anchor and were out of there.

Hello Martinique! We've been wanting to get here for so long that it feels like such an accomplishment.