st. thomas

st. thomas

We've spent the last week hanging out in St. Thomas. We took advantage of being near the city and got a lot done, including eating at a couple restaurants that have been on our list for a while.

Tap & Still

Being near the city meant we were able to get some much needed packages delivered, and since we're in a US territory it doesn't take that long to get them. Fun fact for Austin - the USVI is the only place under US jurisdiction where cars drive on the left side of the road.

Emma and I went on a rainy day adventure to a watersports store to buy a new toy for the boat. She is anxiously awaiting getting to a place where we can use it.

We shopped at a Kmart. Who knew these even still exist?

We watched lots of cruise ships come and go. My favorite was the one with the slides off both sides of the ship.

We enjoyed a beach day with some friends. It was the perfect beach for some relaxation and people watching. A bunch of booze cruises drop off the cruise ship people at this beach, so it was quite entertaining.

In addition to the cruise ships Jeff Bezos boat was in the marina. The girls sang the PG version of the Jeffery Bezos song every time we passed by, and now that is permanently stuck in my head even though the boat left a couple of days ago.

Today we headed back over to St. John for a little while so we can enjoy some hiking, swimming and snorkeling.