until next time duluth

until next time duluth

Emma talked Braden into one final stop before heading home... the aquarium.

It's a pretty cool aquarium. We've gone every time we've been in Duluth.

I've never seen a place where you can touch jellyfish! 😲

This is also the only place I've ever seen where you can touch sturgeon.

Olivia was never a huge fan of petting things until this year. Now she wants to touch everything.

On our way up to Duluth I said it would probably be the last year we go over Memorial Day weekend. The fog was awful. The weather wasn't that great. Traffic was a nightmare. Then we had an amazing time (my most favorite trip to Duluth so far) and now we're talking about how we can't wait for next year. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂