distance learning: day 27

distance learning: day 27

This week Emma's school district switched to flex Fridays. Teachers aren't supposed to give any new assignments to allow students to finish anything they didn't earlier in the week... but they still have to check in for attendance. I'm not a fan. Emma checked in and we practiced some of her spelling words. Next week I'll be more prepared with some additional Friday assignments.

Today the 5th (and last) of our butterflies hatched. Emma happened to catch the whole thing on video.

Today was chilly (40s) and windy, but the girls still begged to go to a playground. Now that they're open I have a feeling we're going to be going to one every day. We've missed them.

When I was looking through my park list I had written that Emma said this playground had the best monkey bars. She confirmed that is still true.

Besides playgrounds both girls are obsessed with their scooters and want to ride them everywhere.

Apparently someone was tired. The girls have been sleeping in Emma's bed every night for weeks, but I don't think they always get the best sleep when they're together.

Our butterfly family. One of the butterflies got stuck getting out of its chrysalis and its wings didn't dry flat. I don't think that one is going to survive very long on its own. Its supposed to be cold this weekend, so we're going to wait to release them until it warms up early next week. For now they're enjoying the warm sun from the comfort of our warm house.