butterflies, fish and a squirrel

butterflies, fish and a squirrel

We've been busy every day since we've been here doing just about everything here at the park. But, pretty sure Chip the red squirrel is going to be the highlight of this trip. Someone at the store found him as a baby so he is used to people and will let you hold him.

In the afternoon the park had a butterfly event. They showed photos of a bunch of different butterflies in the state park, and then we went on a hike looking for some. The presentation was way too long and pretty boring, but the girls hung in there.

The girls were excited about looking for butterflies. They were right in the front of the group with the guide pointing out every butterfly they could see.

We even got to watch two beetles rolling some dung across the road. No one in our group, including the park ranger, had ever seen that happen in real life. It was entertaining to watch and looked just like it does on tv.

At the start of the butterfly thing there were seven kids. At the end there were only two. These two!

To reward them for being the last two standing we stopped for ice cream at the gift shop.

The girls had been begging to go fishing again. We headed back after dinner. I think Olivia had a fish within 10 seconds of her hook hitting the water. I have no idea how many fish they caught, but it was a lot.

I didn't take pictures of all the fish, but I did get these huge ones.

The girls didn't want to stop fishing, so we were there late enough to snap this photo.