virgin gorda

virgin gorda

We had some things on our Virgin Gorda must do list: The Baths, a pirate show and a visit to two cool hang out spots.

We figured that would take us a couple days and then we would be on our way. On our first day we met some new friends with girls Emma and Olivia's ages... so we extended our stay a bit longer to hang out with them. We're so glad we did. We got to check out some beaches, find fun places for school, drink fruity drinks, play plenty of giant Jenga (Olivia's favorite), see a tarpon feeding and watch fireworks from our boat.

Plus lots of fun time in the water.

At night, the girls would spend hours with the underwater light catching all sorts of creatures. It was all fun until a crab they caught ate one of the tiny fish.

We had a couple of really rainy and windy days, so we had to stay put a little longer. But as soon as the weather cleared up it was time for us to head to the next island.