we'll miss you oreo

we'll miss you oreo

Today Oreo went to his new home.

This kitten was a little shy in the beginning. I have a feeling going from living in a cage at a shelter to living in a huge house with 2 crazy girls was a bit of a shock.

It didn't take him long to get comfortable with us.

He wasn't super cuddly... but if you were sitting on the couch, especially with this blanket, he would curl up on your lap.

He loved to play with wand toys, chase toy mice up and down the hallway and attack your hand under a blanket.

For whatever reason Oreo and Olivia had some crazy, special bond. I have no idea how many times I had to say "stop picking him up!" or "leave him alone!". It didn't matter. He let her do it over and over again. He would chase her all around the house.

We only had him for a month, but he was a tough one to say goodbye to.