we're back

we're back

You know when you go on vacation and come back to your house that has been empty for a while? Multiply that times three months. It was very, very strange walking into the house. But by the first night we were all settled back in. I walked into Emma's room to find her like this. Apparently she missed being pampered while we were away.

For the most part everything was how we left it, except for the bird nest above our back door. I guess with the house empty the mama robin didn't have any issues building her nest there, but as soon as she saw us moving around in the house she left. We haven't seen her in a couple days, so I think she abandoned it.

I tried to cover it up hoping she would come back to her eggs, but so far no luck.

Summer is the best in Minnesota. The temperature is warm, but not too hot. There is no humidity, so you're not sweating like crazy. It is the perfect time to be outside, so Emma and I went on a little bike ride/run. We haven't done either one of these since March, and it felt great to get back to it.

I forgot about this bridge. Great going down, not so great going up.

Emma didn't think it was that difficult and was cheering me on the whole time.

It was a good thing we went in the morning because by the afternoon the Canadian wildfire smoke had moved in.

Looking ahead to the rest of the summer we're excited to break the bus out of hibernation. We have some things to take care of in Minnesota, but then we're hoping to hit the road for the rest of the summer.