what a day

what a day

I would use an expletive there... but we are trying to keep this site family friendly. It all started out like any other day. We dropped our mooring ball and headed into a marina for the next week while our friends are visiting. We loved being on the mooring ball (and last night slept the best we've slept since we got to Grenada), but (1) being in a marina makes it much easier to go places since you can just step off the boat instead of take a dinghy to shore, and (2) the final part we were waiting for (our main sail) was ready to get installed today. This is a much nicer, and bigger, marina than the one we were at before. It has 2 restaurants, a little souvenir store, laundry and a pool.

It has been rainy and overcast the last two days, but today made up for it. Today was HOT. To cool off the girls and I headed to the pool for a little while.

Everything was going great until we were leaving and Emma scraped her foot on the wooden pool deck and started screaming. She cut the bottom of her foot pretty good. She hobbled back to the boat, we rinsed and bandaged it up. After an hour she kept saying it was stinging a lot, so we took the bandage off to discover she had what looked to be a large splinter in her foot. She tried (unsuccesfully) to get it out. At this point the only option was to go to a doctor to have it looked at. It took a bunch of shots of lidocaine and a lot of digging around to finally get that thing out... and it was huge.

Usually I handle these things, but I don't have a driver's license in Grenada so Braden had to take the lead on this one. He came back to the boat looking like this....

Bad news: she's on antibiotics for 7 days, no sun for 7 days and no swimming for 5 days. Oof.  She is really bummed... but we're going to make the best of it - go to the chocolate museum, see a waterfall and have a great time with our friends while they are here!