what a day

what a day

I've been mentally preparing for this day for weeks. It started with Olivia's last basketball game of the season. I'm so glad she tried basketball. She really had fun doing it... and she's pretty good.

We had to leave the basketball game at halftime to get to our next event. Winter dance recitals. Olivia's best friend and her mom even came to watch her dance. ❤

That wasn't the end to our day. The girls had three recitals, but we could only stay for two because we had to get to our final event of the day. Emma's school choir was singing at the Holiday Music Festival at the Mall of America.

Emma had a solo... in Spanish!

Whew. We made it through the day. Next we had planned to grab dinner and do some shopping to wind down from a crazy day... plus Braden and I really needed a margarita or two. Right after we got our food (and margaritas) Emma got sick at the restaurant and we had to pack up and go home. That was not something I had planned for... 😭