We're squeezing in as many National Parks as we can before Emma's 4th grade pass expires. This one was on Braden's list to visit this summer.

El Capitan

We took our craziest hike yet to get to the base of El Capitan.

On the way back we stumbled upon a group of five deer near the path.

Another Junior Ranger badge for the girls. This was the first time our schedule worked out for them to attend a Park Ranger talk, and I'm so glad we did. The ranger told a fascinating story of how they got the peregrine falcon off the endanged species list in the 1970s. Fun fact for Austin - Yosemite used climbers to remove eggs from the nest so they could be incubated. Once the eggs hatched climbers put the baby birds back in the nest. True story. You can watch the video here (scroll down to the video).