hog island

hog island

Our first visit to Hog Island was on Easter. We haven't been back since, but we're anchored nearby so this weekend we took a dinghy ride over to the island. We met up with some boating friends, and the local kids we met over Easter were also there. The girls were having such a great time we ended up spending the entire day.

Fun fact - you can only get to Hog Island by boat (either your own or a water taxi) or footbridge. Because of that the island has a cool vibe of mainly locals and boaters with a couple small stands selling food and drinks.

This morning there was a regatta in the bay where we're anchored. It just so happened that the start and finish line was right in front of our boat! We had a front row seat.

It was pretty fun to watch and we actually knew people on two of the boats!

After the top three boats came in, we decided to head back to Hog Island for the afternoon. The girls and their friends spent hours on the beach building this massive pool.